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Students are encouraged to become involved in school-sponsored organizations and club activities.  For a complete listing of all clubs and activities, pick up a catalog in the Athletic Office or Guidance Office.

It is the intent of this policy to allow the Bedford Public Schools to influence students in a positive and healthful manner. Substance use and abuse is a difficult and dangerous problem for teens in both our community and nation. The intent of the policy is to give our students a valid reason for refusing drugs or alcohol either in or out of season.

The use, abuse or possession of tobacco, narcotics, alcohol, inhalants, over-the-counter drugs, look alikes, performance enhancing substances, or other dangerous substances is prohibited at all times, year-round, in-season or out.  The administration may deny the right to participate for conduct deemed unbecoming a student-athlete. The student, or athlete, who violates this rule, will be penalized by being suspended immediately from participation in all extra-curricular activities in which he/she is involved.  Students who are suspended will still be able to practice with their team/group, and may travel with and sit on the bench or sideline with their team provided they are dressed in appropriate school attire and not dressed in uniform.  Bedford High School reserves the right to uphold or observe sanctions of transfer students from other schools.

For the purpose of determining the activity to be affected by the suspension, a student or athlete shall be deemed a participant in an activity if he/she is appropriately and timely enrolled in that activity at the beginning of the school year, or equivalent subsection, as determined by the Principal.  For athletes, being appropriately and timely enrolled in a sport shall be determined by the Athletic Director’s official student roster for that sport as of the starting date for that season, as established by the Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA).

If the offense occurs between academic years, the penalty shall be imposed at the beginning of the next academic year.  For sports, the penalty shall be imposed at the beginning of the first season in which the athlete has previously participated.  For incoming freshmen, the penalty shall be imposed for the first season of participation.

Students involved in co-curricular activities other than athletics such as music, clubs and cheerleading will be subject to similar penalties.

First Offense
Students or athletes will be suspended from participation in the activity/sport for a minimum of 25% of the season.  For extra-curricular activities that means a minimum of 25% of all the scheduled activities.  For sports, that means a minimum of 25% of all the MHSAA sanctioned and scheduled events for that season.

If, at the time the suspension is imposed, there is less than 25% of the activity/season remaining, the penalty shall carry over into the next activity/season in which the student or athlete is appropriately and timely enrolled.  (See above)

Reinstatement to the activity following the infraction will be contingent upon participation in a substance abuse assessment and implementation of the recommendations that result from the assessment.  Students who are reported by responsible witnesses to be in violation of this policy will be suspended from activities following an administrative review and decision with regard to the charges and evidence. 

Second Offense
Students or athletes will be suspended from participation in ALL extra-curricular activities/sports for one calendar year from the date of the offense.

Third Offense
Students or athletes will be suspended from participation in ALL extra-curricular activities/sports for the remainder of their public school career.

A student, who leaves the building due to illness, is not allowed to return to school or to participate in after school co-curricular activities until the next day.  Students must be in attendance five (5) consecutive periods of the school day in order to participate in any school-related activity that same day, which includes the Peer Tutoring Center or practice for any activity or event.  This also includes after school events that are an extension of the classroom such as music rehearsals or performances.  The exception to this is when a student is absent because of a school-related activity, a previously scheduled medical appointment, or other emergency absences approved by a school administrator.  The student must present a note from the doctor or other appropriate documentation for this exemption to be allowed.  Students must submit any notes from the doctor or dentist to the attendance office when they sign into the building.  Parental notes will not provide an exception to this policy.  If there is a family emergency in which documentation is not possible, please contact the Athletic Director. 

Eligibility requirements are designed to help students better prepare for the world after high school. The objective is not to turn students away from co-curricular activities, but to reinforce that academic achievement is maintained during their activity. 

All athletes, Marching Band and Robotics members will follow the rules of MHSSA, Regulation 1, Section 7 for “Previous Academic Credit Record.” This is waived for freshmen for the FIRST QUARTER ONLY, because they will not have officially received any high school grades until the end of the first quarter. Sport season and credits earned requirements will be as follows:
                Fall sports………2nd Semester credits from the previous school year. Earned (4 out of 6)
                Winter sports…...2nd Semester credits from the previous school year. Earned (4 out of 6) to begin their season, then a second “credits earned check” will be done at the end of the 1st semester, at which time all student/athletes must have earned 4 out of 6 credits to be able to compete in his/her Winter sport.   
               Spring sports…...1st semester credits from the current school year. Earned 4 out of 6 credits.

Grades Review
All athletes, marching band, and robotics members will have their grades REVIEWED 2 ½ weeks prior to the MHSAA grade check. The dates for these checks will be announced at all preseason coaches’ meetings and “Meet the Team.” Students who are failing a core class or a class required for graduation or whose overall grade average is below a 70%, will be required to attend the Tutoring Center 90 minutes a week until the State Check #2. These students will have full playing privileges as long as they successfully attend tutoring (See Tutoring Center requirements below).

CURRENT ACADEMIC CREDIT RECORD (grades) Regulation 1, Section 8 (STATE CHECK # 2)
The State grade check will be made 2 ½ weeks after grades have been reviewed, which will occur prior to the 10th week of the semester.  If, during this check,  a student is not passing four (4) out of six (6) classes, he/she will be ineligible for one (1) week (Monday through Sunday) following Regulation 1, Section 8 of the MHSAA handbook (page 33). After one week, another grade check will be made for that student. The student will remain ineligible until the weekly check(s) show that he/she meets the MHSAA requirement of  four (4) out of six (6) classes. Ineligible students MUST attend the Tutoring Center 90 minutes a week and meet all their requirements (see below). Ineligible students may practice, providing they have fulfilled the Tutoring Center requirements, but are not permitted to compete.

Additionally, students who meet the MHSAA grade requirement listed above will be required to attend the Tutoring Center if they fall into one of the below categories:
   1. Students whose overall grade average is below a 70%.
   2. Students who are failing a core class or a class required for graduation.
These students will be required to attend tutoring 90 minutes a week until they can maintain the 70% average or maintain a passing grade in the failing class (or a class needed for graduation) for two (2) consecutive weeks.

Students who must attend tutoring must meet the requirements for the Tutoring Center which are:
   1. Students must attend tutoring 90 minutes a week.
   2. Students must bring and do their school work when in the Tutoring Center or they will not receive credit
       for that day.

Studies have shown that students involved in co-curricular activities do better academically. This policy will allow all students to be successful in all areas.

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