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Students are divided alphabetically by last name and assigned a counselor accordingly.  

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Mrs. Michalak Serves students whose last names begin with A - E & Open Door
Mrs. Beuhler Serves students whose last names begin with F - K
Mrs. Etts Serves students whose last names begin with L - R
Mrs. Fettig Serves students whose last names begin with S-Z & Foreign Exchange Students
Mrs. Faller Records Secretary: Enrollment/registration, transcript,etc



Current BHS students and Graduate: click here to send your transcript elecrtronically.
SAT scores will need to be requested directly though College Board.
ACT scores need to be requested directly throught ACT.
Remember to request a final transcript to be sent to your college upon graduation

VISIT from College Admission and Armed Forces Representives.

BHS welcomes your to talk to our students and staff.
Visits must be scheduled in advance through our records secretary.
Contact MaryJo Faller at maryjo.faller@mybedford.us or 734-850-6111.


Federal Student Aid


This page is designed to help students and parents prepare for the new Michigan Merit Exam. You will find links to test preparation sites, information on the format and execution of the exam, and news about changes or modifications to the exam.
ACT and SAT Information for both ACT and SAT test preparation.
SAT and ACT These links have more practice for both SAT and ACT preparation.
SAT All you wanted to know about enrolling for the SAT.
ACT PREP This complete practice test will give all kinds of test questions.
ACT TEST This complete practice test will give you all kinds of sample test items.
ACT COMPANION Number2.com's online test preparation courses are totally free! By creating an account you can access a customized course that includes user-friendly tutorials, practice sessions that dynamically adapt to each student's ability level, a vocabulary builder, and more...
ACT STUDENT For information about taking the ACT test, go to this site. Students can find a full set of sample test questions, along with complete answer explanations, test-taking strategies and detailed analyses of each section of the ACT.
TEST GEAR In order to provide Michigan students with the most useful and up-to-date courses for preparing the MEAP and ACT, Michigan Virtual High School and Bridges Transition Co. have partnered together to bring this service to you.
Khan Academy Official SAT practice site.
WORK KEYS This is a description of the WorkKeys test, which takes place the second day of testing, and offers sample test items.
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