Students Interact is an exciting opportunity for students to have help in “ learning how to deal with life”-----interacting with people, stress, peer pressure, listening, making decisions, bullying, self-injury, suicide prevention, trust, problem-solving--

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Assignment Book

The Homework Assignment Book is divided into 18 weeks and is given to each student twice during the schoolyear. All teachers in all academic classes write the daily homework assignment on the class board; students copy
the assignment into the Assignment Book on the lines designated for the day that the assignments are due.

Parents are asked to review the Assignment Book each evening, signing it when they have seen homework completed. The next day, each teacher will stamp the book, indicating that homework has or has not been turned in. In order for this parent-student program to be effective, parents must encourage students to bring their assignment books to school and follow the program guidelines.

At the end of the twelve weeks, teachers are free to notify parents via letter that they will stamp assignment books of those student whose parents want to continue to monitor homework completion. However, the majority of our teachers continue to stamp the Assignment Book until the end of the school year.

Parents are welcome to contact the Principal (734) 850-6201 or Guidance Counselors, Mrs. Connolly (850-6213), or Mr. Majewski (850-6212), if a student is having difficulty applying the self-discipline needed to keep up
the assignment book. In some cases, the counselor will suggest the Sign and Stamp program where students are
asked to be more accountable for the recording and completing of daily assignments, and teachers welcome the opportunity to sign their initials, indicating student accuracy in recording the assignment.

Violence Hotline
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With the recent school tragedies we are reminded of our vulnerability to a raging maniac intent on violence. We are preparing a summary of the efforts we (locals and ISD) have made together in recent years to prevent school violence and to make our schools as safe as possible.

Remember we have a 24 hour toll free safety line for Monroe County

1-800-349- 0132

BEDFORD JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL Student, Parent, and Teacher Goals

Our school day is energized and exciting at BJHS; no two are exactly alike. Every parent should spend a day or a week with us to witness the social, mental, and physical drive of our learning community. Keeping up with our students so that they may keep up is hard work that becomes ever more difficult as the State of Michigan continues to raise learning standards. We thank our families for sending us young men and women who are ready to learn the skills of relating positively to their peers, tolerating differences among individuals, accepting direction from adults, and creating products of learning that propel each to higher levels of knowledge application. In addition to fulfilling the expectations of a rigorous curriculum and an extensive after school program, teachers, staff, students, and parents will reach the following goals within our learning community:

  • Teachers, parents, and students will prepare for above-average to exemplary proficiency on 2007 MEAP State tests in Math, English Language Arts, Science, and 8th Grade Social Studies.
  • Special Education teachers will continually elevate and customize curriculum delivery of Michigan Grade Level Content Expectations (GLCE’s), stretching students’ reading, writing, and mathematics skill levels to meet Special Education proficiency requirements on MEAP State tests.
  • Special Education students will learn and practice the application of the Michigan GLCE’s in math, reading, and writing proficiency in order to demonstrate higher levels of proficiency on the MEAP State proficiency tests.
  • Teachers of English, Social Studies, and Science will receive professional development in the Marcia Freeman Writing Program in order to build upon these same skills that our new seventh grade students will bring from each elementary school within Bedford Public Schools.
  • All staff and students will become proficient in the new computer operating system, Pentamation, and related classroom software applications.
  • All Parents will become familiar with the new Michigan Graduation Credits Requirements, as they will affect the classes of 2012 and 2013.
  • All seventh grade students will create an electronic Educational Development Portfolio, encompassing the Michigan Career Pathways and its research relating to individual interests (Kuder Interest Inventory) and academic progress ( classroom grades and MEAP proficiency levels).
  • All eighth grade students will electronically re-visit their seventh grade EDP, updating current personal and academic information and capabilities, interests, and Career Pathways research.
  • Staff, students, and parents will work together to eradicate bullying and to ensure that every child has at least one adult within the school with whom they can speak freely.
  • Parents will be kept well informed of their student’s progress electronically through Pentamation, and daily through the students’ effective use of the BJHS Assignment Book. Administrators and counselors will work steadily with parents and teachers to bring about meetings that will assist in effective parent-studentteacher communication.

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