Welcome to Bedford Junior High School- Home of the BJHS Broncos!

Welcome to the year of change!  This is an exciting time at BJHS.  We have 50% new teaching staff and 66% new students to this building.  Our staff is very excited to get to know all of the new students in this building and we will work very hard to make this a successful year.

Middle school ages of 11 through15 represent probably the most vulnerable years for our youth. For our new junior high school parents, it is worrisome, I am sure,  to think of  your boys and girls being schooled with such a large and diverse population as is found at Bedford Junior High School. Will my child be able to achieve the good grades of elementary school and yet cope with social issues such as: being one of many; creating a quickly thought-out response for an unkind remark; experiencing confidence and contentedness  with self; making friends with those who we as parents agree upon; recognizing personal acceptance in the hallways, classrooms, and on the athletic field; sensing less personally the intent of others’ remarks. These are the benchmarks of adolescent growth that our experienced staff encourages, builds upon, and rewards.    

Middle level teachers and administrators at BJHS know that our parents and guardians have immediate needs that we accept and do all that we can to meet on a daily basis. We think that middle level parents want to know:

  • When my child goes to school, more than anything else, I want to know that my child is safe.
  • I want to know that when my child is in school, he knows at least one adult well enough to go to for support.
  • I want to know that the school is concerned about helping my youngster develop constructive friendships.
  • I expect that school will provide my child with opportunities to be involved in activities.
  • When my youngster comes home from school, I want to know that enough good experiences have been offered that he will want to return the next day.
  • While my child is in school over these years, I want to know that the school is teaching those things that will prepare him for high school and beyond.
  • While my youngster is in school, I want the teachers to keep me informed of his progress.
  • When I visit the school, I want to feel welcomed by teachers, secretaries,  and administrators.
  • I would like to know that the school is making every effort to provide opportunities for parents and guardians to be informed about what to expect at home and at school from youngsters over these years.

It is the commitment of the faculty and staff of Bedford Junior High School to address all parents’ needs and “needs to know”. Only with this strong partnership may each child grow successfully through the unique developmental stages of middle school.

Roderick Hurley, Principal


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