Algebra Practice

Ask Dr. Math

Bread Game

Math Concepts


Math for Moron's Like Us

Math Goodies

Math Help

PJ Pinchbeck


PH School Math Book

(The web code needed to access this site is available within the Ace Question Seciton of your Math book)



The Constellations

Gulf Spill Timeline

How Stuff Works

NASA Earth Observatory


Oil Spill Tracker

PearsonSuccessNet - On-line textbook access

(The web code needed to access this site is available through your science teacher)




Bibliography Composer

English the Easy Way

Grammar Quizzes

Interactive Quizzes

Language Arts Activities

Matching Literary Terms

Merrian-Webster Online Dictionary

Name That Literary Term Online Writing Lab

Online Thesaurus/Dictionary


Proof Reading

Race to Ramses

Reference Desk

Shakespeare's World

Skillswise Language Arts

Wide World of Verbs

Word Jungle





BBC Reading Activities

BBC Vocabulary/Grammar

Context Clues

Mini Stories

Race to Ramses

Reading for a Purpose

Reading Exercises

Stories Online

Types of Text Quiz

Vocabulary Matching Game

What's the Big Idea

Word Jungle Reading Activities




English-French Picture Dictionary

English-German Picture Dictionary

English-Spanish Picture Dictionary

English-Japanese Picture Dictonary

Foreign Language Activities

Internet Activities

Language Translator

Tour of Paris

Virtual Tourist

World Language Homepage


Immigration Studies

Age of Exploration

All Roads Lead to Rome

America's Story World Fact Book

Americans at War

Ancient Greece

Ancient Rome for Kids

Ancient Rome Webquest

Ancient Rome

Civil War Timeline

French Revolution

History for Kids

Industrial Revolution World Countries

Library of Congress

Middle Ages

Museums Around the World


Renaissance & Reformation

Roman History Timeline

World Studies

World War I

World War II

7th Grade Social Studies Textbooks


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