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Technology Plan

Technology Plan

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Kindergarten Report Card Rubric

1st Grade Report Card Rubric

Parent Communication and Involvement at school is so important to the success of the school. Communication happens in so many different ways. Our main forms of communication are the classroom newsletter, Wednesday Folders,and our website. Each of these serves a different role in the communication process but is equally important. The classroom newsletter gives you specific information about the classroom community of your child. Wednesday folders give you information on the larger school community and the website is a combination of both as well as a multitude of resources available for students, staff, and parents.

Parent involvement is equally important in the success of a school. We are fortunate at DRE to have parents at school assisting teachers and students in a variety of ways on a daily basis. Our focus as a school will be on “student learning” and if our focus is student learning then we need the help of all who are involved in the life of the child. I have so much appreciated the work of the PTA and parent volunteers who have and will give countless hours of voluntary service to see us be a successful school. Without all of this parent support we would not be able to meet the needs of our students as we do.

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