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Use Final Forms for Athletics Fees and Forms, My Mealtime to manage student Food Service accounts, and MySchoolBucks for all other fees.




Students must arrange for a ride home from any club meetings.

Art Club
Room # 134
2:30-3:30 pm on the following days only: March 4, March 18, April 15, April 29, and May 6.

Coding Club
(8th Graders)
Room # 50
2:30-3:30 pm

Design An App Club
Room # 50
2:30-3:30 pm

Knit & Crochet Club
Room # 29
2:30-3:30 pm

Sci Fi Movie Club
Room # 215
2:30-3:30 pm

Math Counts Club
Room # 201
2:30-3:30 pm

Bible Fellowship Club
Room # 23
2:30-3:30 pm

Sci Fi Movie Club
Room # 215
2:30-3:30 pm

Girls Who Code
(6th & 7th Graders)
Room #34
2:45-4:00 pm
(Until 12/14/2018)




The BJHS Spirit Wear Shop is now open through March 20th at midnight!

Posted: March 18, 2019


Congratulations to all the students that were invited to the James P. McHugh Academic Banquet. Please remember to get your RSVP to the office by Friday March 29th and pay on myschoolbucks.com by March 29th.

If you did not get invited, and feet you were missed, please see the office to double check your current GPA. Students that had a 3.7 or above current GPA for the first semester were invited.

Posted: March 18, 2019

Track Practice

Reminder to all boys and girls interested in running track this spring, practice begins on Monday after school. Come prepared to practice outside with warm clothes if necessary.

Posted: March 18, 2019

Shrek the Musical Jr.

April 26th at 7pm
April 27th at 2pm

Both shows will be held in the high school auditorium

$10 per ticket. Purchase online after March 25th!

Posted: March 13, 2019


Do you love art and Google??? Bring your creativity to life in a Doodle that expresses this year's "Doodle 4 Google" theme, "When I grow up, I hope..." using any medium you choose for the chance to be a Doodle for Google winner. The National Winner's artwork will be featured on the Google homepage, and will win a $30,000 scholarship and a $50,000 tech grant for their school. Submissions are due very soon March 18, 2019. Stop by room 134 for an entry form or enter online at doodle4google.com

Posted: March 11, 2019


If you would like to be part of the tech team or paint set for the musical Shrek, the sign-up sheet is outside Mrs. Matlow classroom (#35). The next set painting is Tuesday, March 12, 2019 from 3:30-5:30 pm.

Posted: March 11, 2019


The NJHS sponsored American Red Cross Blood Drive will take place on Monday, March 18th in the BJHS Cafeteria from 3-8pm. Letters will go home to let your families know the information they will need to sign up. Please encourage your families to donate blood and help save lives.

Posted: March 5, 2019

mARTch Madness Tournament

In celebration of Youth Art Month, on Monday, the Art Club will kick off their mARTch Madness Tournament. Students will be sent a link to the bracket where they can view the art works and information about the featured artists. There will also be a bracket near the F Hallway to view the works of art. Each day of the tournament a new google form will be opened and give the students the opportunity to vote for their favorite works of art.

Posted: March 5, 2019


Softball conditioning/open gym for girls in 7th and 8th grade: Monday, March 11th; Wednesday, March 13th; and Thursday, March 14th from 5:00-6:15. Please bring your glove and face mask. Be prepared for indoors and outdoors.


8th grade girl softball tryouts start Monday March 18th, 3:00-5:00. Please be prepared for indoor or outdoor, and bring all equipment.

Updated: March 11, 2019

April 12 New End of Third Quarter

Due to the number of days off due to the weather and road conditions, the end of 3rd quarter has been adjusted. Third quarter will now conclude on April 12th.

Posted: March 4, 2019


The Talent Show is March 27, 2019!

Posted: March 4, 2019


Congratulation 2018/2019 6th grade Math League Competitive Test Participants. All students who participated are to be commended; they were very challenging tests. The top scores belong to:

1st place: Isaiah Wingate
2nd place (tie): Nyah Mullins & Aubrey Vanderhoof
3rd place (tie): Margaret Robinson & Brynn Sadowski

Posted: March 4, 2019


February 28, 2019

Dear Parents:

A recent social media challenge targeting children and young adults called the "Momo Challenge," has created concern throughout the country due to its disturbing nature. The purpose of this letter is to make you aware of this challenge, provide you with information about it, and urge you to monitor your children's use of social media and the Internet. The "Momo Challenge," a game reportedly found on Facebook, YouTube, Kids Tube, WhatsApp, and various other games and apps features a frightening avatar who asks its viewers to perform various tasks and provide photos as proof. The "Momo" threatens those who do not perform the tasks. Technology companies have released statements pointing out that there is no evidence supporting claims that the challenge actually exists within their sites. These companies believe that the word of mouth and viral images being passed around are perpetuating the concerns across the nation. Nevertheless, we are taking a proactive approach by asking parents to please be vigilant in monitoring your child's social media and internet interactions.

It's important that children know that they should not be trying to contact strangers online, regardless of the method. Setting privacy systems on devices with your child is a great way to have this conversation and agree on automatic precautions. Fostering an atmosphere of openness and transparency about online activity ensures that children can thrive. If you do notice them switching screens on their devices when approached or new numbers or email addresses on their devices, it's worth checking in with them.

We send this letter with caution because talking about the Challenge can cause alarm and fear in more students than those actually exposed. However, because many students are aware and discussing this at school, we wanted to address the issue. Thank you and we appreciate your continued partnership in ensuring a safe and protected learning experience. There are several prominent media sources that have completed reports on the topic of "Momo" and can easily be found by parents looking for further information on the topic. Please reach out to your child's principal if you have any questions or information to share.

Dr. Carl Shultz
Bedford Public Schools


All Mules Matter students will be selling Autism Awareness shirts during lunches this week, shirts will be $8, Money is required up front to place you order and shirts will arrive at the end of March.

Posted: February 26, 2019


Dear Bedford Public Schools Community Members,

I know that many of you (as am I) are concerned about the number of inclement weather days that the district has utilized this winter. I can only share with you that this winter has been very unique in the weather patterns that we have experienced in our area. The extreme temperature conditions along with the high levels of ice on our roadways have made my job as superintendent much more difficult over the past month or so. In addition, instances such as today when forecasts show a wide array of dangerous conditions landing at various times throughout the day make the decisions even more difficult. As I have stated in previous communications, our district goal is to hold school every day that we are scheduled. We absolutely understand the burden that changes to the schedule place on families and also our ability to teach effectively. With this in mind, we will continue to make the best decisions with the information that we have at our disposal. I can assure everyone that it is much easier and safer for the district to cancel classes for the day than it is for us to be forced into potentially dangerous dismissals if the weather lands as predicted throughout the day.

As of today, Bedford Public Schools has utilized eleven inclement weather days. The State of Michigan provides six days up front and allows for an appeal for up to three additional days if needed. In addition, Bedford Public Schools has one additional day built-in to our 2018-2019 school calendar. In total, if the district receives our appeal, we would have ten available days bringing our current situation to needing one make-up day at the end of the year (as of today). There is currently legislation in both chambers of the State of Michigan Legislature that would make any missed days of school during a State-level emergency period such as this month's polar vortex automatically forgiven and not counted toward the required number of days/hours. If this legislation passes, BPS would not need to make up the current one-day deficit. This is a long and detailed letter but should help to answer any questions that may exist. I will keep the community posted on any further information as it becomes available. The accompanying graphic shows the district's current position in regards to inclement weather.

Bar chart depiction of snow day totals as explained in accompanying article text


Dr. Carl Shultz
Carl Shultz, PhD
Bedford Public Schools

Posted: February 20, 2019


Do you want to be the next Mark Zuckerberg? Are you interested in creating an APP that could be uploaded to the APP Store?! Design an App Club is meeting from 2:30-3:30 p.m. in Ms. May's room, # 50. The club will meet every Tuesday. Grab a friend and come to the APP Club to learn about APP development and create your own APP!

Posted: February 20, 2019

Letter from the Superintendent
and Related Resources

Dear Bedford Public Schools Parents,

As you may or may not be aware, our district has recently experienced the loss of a recent graduate which has deeply impacted us as a community. We have implemented our school's Emergency Response Plan in an effort to provide appropriate support to staff and students within our buildings. Students and staff will react in different ways to crises of this nature, so it will be important to continue to have support available to assist individuals in need. Counselors and mental health professionals, along with building administration, are available in the school setting to assist students as they express their feelings related to loss. In addition, we have worked with the Monroe County Intermediate School District (MCISD) to provide additional on-site social workers for Bedford High School as needed.

The Bedford Public Schools plan is also designed to provide assistance to our students and their families when deemed necessary outside of the traditional school day. Please observe your child closely over the next several days and weeks to watch for signs of distress, which may indicate a need for additional support and guidance. I have included a list of references for available resources to help you recognize possible reactions you may observe in your child. Children that have advanced stages of grief or who suffer from severe depression may already be exhibiting warning signs for potential self-risk including withdrawal, substance abuse, or suicidal thoughts. If you feel your child is in need of special assistance or is having a great deal of difficulty coping with their emotions, please do not hesitate to call or reach out to district staff or one of the professional resources listed. While it is important to deal with grief, loss, anger and fear reactions, we believe it is essential to resume as normal a routine as possible regarding home and school activities. Also, utilize frequent and honest conversations with your child to let them know that we all need assistance at some point. Please feel free to contact one of our district staff members or myself if you have any concerns or questions regarding your child, or the steps being taken by the school. I cannot stress enough the importance of working collaboratively to ensure the safety and proper care of our families and students.


1) National Association of School Psychologists (NASP): Addressing Grief - http://tinyw.in/dvZ3
2) National Alliance for Grieving Children: About Childhood Grief - http://tinyw.in/oYsF
3) Oakland County Health Department (Parent Toolkit) - http://tinyw.in/9Dx2
4) Monroe County Mental Health Resources Guide (Promedica Health) - http://tinyw.in/t4jD

Dr. Carl Shultz


Bedford Junior High School was well represented at the Michigan State FTC Championship Tournament. F.L.A.G. (Fight Like A Girl) joined the Turning Gears, Classical Engineers and the Loose Screws there after earning a spot as an Inspire Award winner at the Oxford District Qualifying Tournament. This is an impressive accomplishment for a team where the majority of the members are Robotics rookies! Way to go, ladies!

Group photo of team FLAG

The Turning Gears did well at the very competitive state tournament and finished as a division finalist.

We are so proud of all of the great achievements our FTC teams have made this season!

Congratulations to the Classical Engineers for winning the Mason District Tournament. Additionally, they won the Rockwell Collins Innovate Trophy, were the runner up winner for the Promote Award, and won the Compass Award. The team also secured a bid to the State Championship, making them the third BJHS team to qualify, joining the Loose Screws and the Turning Gears. Congratulations Classical Engineers!

The Loose Screws, FTC Team 5237, earned a trip to the Michigan State FTC Championships in a battle the knocked out their fellow BJHS team, the Bionic Broncos at our home tournament. The Bionic Broncos were awarded Finalist Trophies for finishing 2nd.

Other noteworthy accomplishments from the tournament included:

* Coach Sandra Wachowiak, of FTC 8579, the Classical Engineers, was awarded the Compass Award. This award is given to the top coach and is based on nomination videos that the student team members provide. Sandra has been an inspiration to her team and our Bedford program.

* The Loose Screws were also awarded the Connect Award for "Connecting the dots between community, FIRST, and the diversity of the engineering world. ", and second place Controls Award for "Mastering Robot intelligence. " for their autonomous programming.

* The Classical Engineers were awarded the Motivate Award for "Sparking others to embrace the culture of FIRST! "

* Team F.L.A.G - Fight Like A Girl was awarded the second place Think Award for "Removing engineering obstacles through creative thinking. "

* The Turning Gears, who qualified for states on Nov. 3rd at the Canton Qualifier, was awarded the third place Motivate Award.

group photo of Turning Gear Robotics Team

A Bedford Junior High School robotics team, The Turning Gears, earned a trip to the Michigan State competition last weekend as a finalist in a FTC (FIRST Tech Challenge) Qualifying Tournament! They will be traveling to the State Championship, which will be held in Battle Creek, MI, on Dec 14th-15th. Along with the coveted state invitation, they picked up a couple of extra awards during the day: the Motivate Award and Inspire Award!

Updated: January 24, 2019


Wacky Wednesday has started at the public library next door from 3:00-4 p.m.

Posted: October 18, 2018


Our 8th hour program is now available. This is an opportunity for students to get one-on-one help from teachers to complete their homework. It meets on Tuesdays through Thursdays after school from 2:35 to 3:30. To take advantage of this opportunity, parents need to fill out a permission slip provided by the office and sent to parents by e-mail. Students are to have work to do for the hour and will be dismissed at 3:30. Please arrange a ride home.

Posted September 20, 2018

PICTURE DAY: Order online at mylifetouch.com

Use BJHS Picture Day ID: LM758014Y0


group photo of BJHS Yearbook StaffOur Bronco Yearbook Staff is working to capture this year's friends, classes, teams, and many fun memories in a yearbook you will cherish for years to come!


Basic Package: $46 (Yearbook with namestamp with one line of text and one icon, and clear book protector)
Deluxe Package: $55 (Yearbook with namestamp with one line of text and three icons, and clear book protector)

ORDER DEADLINE: MAY 25, 2019...or until supplies run out! Order yours today!

Updated January 24, 2019


Free & Reduced Meal Applications Now Available for 2018-19 School Year

Applications for free/reduced meals for 2018-2019 are available online, on the Food Service webpage, and in all the school offices.

This form must be filled our annually as benefits will expire on October 12, 2018 if a new application is not submitted. Families can also apply for Free and Reduced School Meals at any time during the school year.

Participation is confidential and anonymous to use. All student transactions at the cafeteria cash register appear identical regardless of whether students are paying full price, receiving reduced prices, or free meals, to protect the confidentiality of program participation.

This program provides the obvious benefit of providing nutritious meals as well as qualifying the school for additional benefits and access to additional resources based upon the level of participation. We encourage all eligible families to fill out the application regardless of whether or not you intend to use them. A win-win all the way around!

Food Service Donations Accepted

In the past, Bedford Public Schools has been fortunate to have received donations to help pay off students' negative food service balances. Accounts have been set up at each school to receive donations from anyone else interested in ensuring that all of our students can enjoy a healthy meal every day at school. Stop by the school office if you wish to make a similar donation.

Families can also apply for Free and Reduced School Meals at any time during the school year. Online applications can be completed through MyMealtime, and paper forms are available in each school office, or can be printed here. All student transactions at the cafeteria cash register appear identical regardless of whether students are paying full price, receiving reduced prices, or free meals, to protect the confidentiality of program participation. It's a win-win situation: the students benefit from the healthy food at breakfast and lunch with families keeping more of their hard earned money, and schools can benefit from federal funding and programs that become available based on family participation in the school meal program.

Posted July 10, 2018


Stop.... don't throw away your old, dried up markers!
We are excited to participate in collecting and converting our markers into clean energy. This also includes dry erase markers. There is a container behind the door monitor, please put all old markers in this container! Together, we are helping our planet one handful of markers at a time!

Posted: 2-15-2018


Enroll in Kroger Community Reward Program to help benefit BJHS students every time you shop! Select the Bedford Junior High School PTO # 81894 when you sign up. Your enrollment needs to be renewed annually after April 30th.


​Bedford Public Schools has substitute teaching opportunities for those with 90+ credit hours from a four-year accredited college or university.  Substitute teachers have the opportunity to choose the grade levels or subjects they prefer to teach and even how often you would like to work. If you are interested in this opportunity, our substitute teachers also referred to as “Guest Teachers” are hired through EDUStaff. Start your application today..

Para Professional, Lunchroom, Secretarial, Bus Driver and Playground Substitutes Also Needed Throughout the District.

​Applications are available at the Administration Building at 1623 W. Sterns Road, Temperance, MI 48182.


Student of the Week for the week of 3/18 is Jed K. He was nominated by Mrs. Tully and here's what she had to say:

"Jed is joyful everyday, he's an enthusiastic learner, he devours books, is kind to all, inclusive, and so polite and helpful."



The boys 7th grade white team lost at Lincoln last night 28 - 15. Gabe B. led the team in scoring with 6 points; Cameron B. and Eli E. added 4 points each, Lucas T. had 3 points; and Adam K., Aidan S., Owen K. and Ryan K. all scored 2 points. The white teams will conclude their seasons on Wednesday with a home game against Monroe. (12/19/2018)

Bedford red 7th grade lost to Adrian 33-7. Brandon R. and Aiden Z. led the broncos. Bedford 8th grade red lost at home to Adrian 29-19. Evan C. led the scoring. Connor G. and Camden C. also played well. (12/19/2018)

8th grade white wins big over Lincoln, 34 -18.
Jonny H. leads the way with 16. Josh S. chipped in 4 and Kayden K. added 9. Cayden C. and Ben Web both chipped in 5 apiece. Tristan H. led the team in assists. (12/19/2018)

Bedford 8th grade red squeaked out a victory over Chelsea Gold 21-17. Solid defense by the entire team helped seal the win. Tommy H. and Simon E. led the scoring. Evan C. led on the boards. (12/5/2018)


Bedford 7th grade white fought hard against a strong Chelsea team losing 20-13. Victoria G. led in scoring with 9. Clara S. and Samarra R. played well defensively. (2/27/2019)

Bedford White 8th Grade could not handle the pressure put on by Ypsilanti Lincoln falling to the Railsplitters 32-17. (3/4/2019)

Bedford Red 7th grade girls lost to Ypsilanti 14-13. The whole team played very well with special mention to: Samantha T., Ryann M., and Carissa H. (3/11/2019)

Bedford red 8th grade team beat Ypsilanti 22-8. Emma J. and Maddie A. led as all nine girls scored. Bedford red completes the season with a 9-2 record. Great job girls!! (3/11/2019)


Huge Congratulations to the BJHS Swimmers who represented our school at the State meet.

If you happen to see one of our State Champion swimmers, be sure to tell them congratulations: Lindy S. and Kaylee S. both won two events at the meet. Their relays, which included Ava B., Rebekah A. and Gabby P., also were state champs. All in all, the Girls team won half of the events they swam that day. 100% of the girls had Personal Bests including Hannah Smith and Alexa F!

For the Boys: Austin C. started us off with a 8th place finish in diving. Kyle R. pulled out a 4th and 5th place finish in his events. The 200 Free relay of Nick Z., Murphy B., Dylan H. and Kyle R. finished 7th. Josh S. and Nick Z. had personal bests in their individual races as well.

Congrats, Broncos! You make us proud! (2/5/2019)


The Bronco wrestlers started the season this past weekend at Dundee. Outstanding performances were turn in by several wrestlers including; Champions Zach J., Carter W., Tyler B., Caleb K. and Ethan M. The following wrestlers finished the day as runners-up; Noah B., Brock J., Nathan G., Chase N., Caleb J., Tyler V., Austin M., Evan F. and Gavin. Ted G. finished 3rd and Nathan D. finished 4th.
Great start everyone. (1/16/2019)




​* Note: Dismissal time on any half days is at 11:00 AM.


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